Day trip to Tetiaroa

Catamaran Excursion Tetiaroa
Join us for an unforgettable day trip to Tetiaroa.
Immerse yourself in the natural beauty and marine wealth of this preserved place. Relax on the white sandy beaches, explore the bird island, discover the marine fauna and be amazed by its breathtaking landscapes.

Program :

  • Boarding :

    Start your adventure around 6:00 a.m. for boarding at Arue Marina, briefing and breakfast.
  • Guided tour :

    Around 9am, disembark on the beach for a guided tour of Bird Island where you can observe fascinating marine species such as frigatebirds, brown boobies and red-tailed phaetons.
  • Lunch and Relaxation :

    Around 12 p.m., return on board to enjoy a delicious lunch (raw fish in coconut milk). We then suggest you take some time for swimming and snorkeling.
  • Return to Tahiti :

    At 2:30 p.m., departure for Tahiti is scheduled and we will arrive in Arue around 5:30 p.m.

Prices :

  • Adults : 17.000 XPF
  • Children aged 4 to 11 : 9.000 XPF
  • Children from 4 years old.

Special conditions :

Privatization of the boat is possible. Contact us for tailor-made arrangements such as kitesurfing, fishing or special events.

Excursion to Tetiaroa

As a bonus during crossings :

  • Fishing :

    During our crossings from Tahiti to Tetiaroa, our crew is passionate about trolling, and it is not uncommon to bring back catches such as tuna, mackerel, swordfish or even mahi-mahi, which we prepare for you the same day. Discover the freshness of the sea at your table with our unique fishing experience.
  • Whales :

    During whale season, we often make stops and detours to observe them, or even better, they come to visit us at anchor.
  • The anchorage :

    Our catamaran is moored outside the lagoon, near the reef. To reach the beach, our clients board a tender after crossing the reef while surfing the waves.
    The Tetiaroa lagoon, to the south, is a no-fishing zone, creating a refuge for fish. This provides an exceptional diving experience.
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