Cruise Ideas and Suggestions

To inspire you, you will find here some examples of private cruises which will allow you to take full advantage of your catamaran rental in Polynesia.

Knowing our islands perfectly, we advise you on the itineraries, the most beautiful anchorages and the sites to explore on each island.

These itineraries are a basis for reflection, they can be adapted according to your preferences and weather conditions.

3 Days and 2 nights: Maiao – the forbidden island

Tahiti / Maiao / Moorea

Since 1936, a decree has prohibited non-natives of the atoll from spending more than 48 hours on its land. For more than half a century, this island has retained an element of mystery that you can now discover thanks to Herevai Charter and Léon, our local partner who will show you around his island.

  • Day 1 : Maiao

    At daybreak, set off from our marina in Arue. It will be a sailing, downwind, of around 8 hours to reach Maiao passing Moorea. On your arrival, Léon and his friends will give you a typically local welcome on the quay, before taking you on an excursion to introduce you to their island.
  • Day 2 : Maiao

    After a good night's sleep and breakfast on board, the exploration continues: 4WD tour, picnic on the beach, swimming.... In the evening, you will leave the island towards Moorea.
  • Day 3 : Moorea

    In Moorea, after breakfast you will have the opportunity to go swimming with rays and sharks, discover the submerged tiki, or simply enjoy the lagoon before leaving for Tahiti in the afternoon.
Catamaran cruise in Maiao
Attention ! This is not a navigation map!
Catamaran cruise in Maiao

4 Days: Makatea – the island with coral cliffs

Tahiti / Tetiaroa / Makatea

Makatea Island, once a phosphate mining site, is notable for its coral cliffs rising from the ocean. Today, it offers a unique experience, combining industrial history, marine biodiversity and natural beauty.

  • Day 1 : Tetiaroa

    Check-in at the Arue marina, departure at dawn for a 3.5 hour crossing to Tetiaroa. On site you can visit the bird island and enjoy the lagoon. Night navigation towards makatea.
  • Days 2 & 3 : Makatea

    Arrival in the early morning of the second day, during days 2 and 3 you will have the opportunity to take advantage of excursions offered by a local service provider: tour of the island in 4WD, visit to the village, swimming in the caves, walks on the beaches , traditional lunch or even try your hand at climbing.
  • Day 4 : Return to Tahiti

    Departure from Makatea on the night of day 3 for arrival in Tahiti on the afternoon of day 4.
Catamaran cruise in Makatea
Attention ! This is not a navigation map!
Catamaran cruise in Makatea

8 Days: Discovery of the Leeward Islands

Explore 5 islands, each with its own charm.
Tahiti / Tetiaroa / Huahine / Raiatea / Taha’a / Bora-bora

  • Day 1 : Tetiaroa

    Boarding at the Arue marina and departure at dawn for a 3.5 hour crossing to Tetiaroa. On site you can visit the bird island and enjoy the lagoon. Night navigation towards Huahine.
  • Days 2 & 3 : Huahine

    You will reach the village of “Fare” at daybreak, it will remind you of the atmosphere of Papeete as it was 50 years ago. You can then visit the famous Hana iti beach and the bay of Avea.
  • Days 4 & 5 : Raiatea / Taha'a

    After breakfast leave for Raiatea. You can visit the Motu Iriru, go up the Faaroa River and stroll through its botanical garden.
    Enjoy the magnificent anchorage at the motu mahaea of Taha’a. Ideal for swimming, snorkeling and kayaking.
    By sailing around Taha'a, in the lagoon from the north, you will reach the motu tautau, the famous coral garden, a magnificent snorkeling not to be missed.
  • Days 6, 7 & 8 : Bora-Bora

    After breakfast, leave for the pearl of the Pacific, approximately 4 hours of navigation.
    You will enter the Bora Bora pass around 12 p.m.
    Anchorage at motu To’opua for swimming, snorkeling with manta rays, kayaking and paddleboarding.
    A short hike with a magnificent view and access to the sublime Matira beach will be possible from the “bloody mary” anchorage.
    You can visit the village of Vaitape and do some shopping from the yacht club anchorage.
    Cross the Bora Bora lagoon from the north to get to the Taimo’o anchorage where you can admire manta rays and lagoon sharks.
    You can enjoy beautiful snorkeling in the coral gardens and a stroll on the motu at the “motu piti” anchorage in the south-east of the island.
    Disembarkation at the airport or at your hotel if it is accessible.
Catamaran cruise to the Leeward Islands
Attention ! This is not a navigation map!
Croisière Catamaran aux îles sous le vent

10 Days: Exploring the Tuamotus

The Atolls Paradise
Fakarava / Toau / Apataki / Rangiroa

This exceptional 10-day cruise transports you through the preserved atolls of the Tuamotu archipelago. Explore deserted beaches, dive into still-wild lagoons and enjoy an authentic Polynesian experience.

  • Jours 1, 2 et 3 : Fakarava

    Boarding at the marina and visit of the village. Sailing south. Anchorage in Hirifa, lunch on the beach, swimming, kayaking/paddleboarding, kitesurfing... Anchorage in Tetamanu, the ancient village to the south, diving in the pass and stroll in the pink sands.
  • Jours 3, 4 & 5 : Toau

    After breakfast departure for Toau. About 2 hours crossing from the northern pass of Fakarava. Anchorage at the Otohorau motu, in the south-east of the atoll, swimming, walking on the motu, snorkelling... Crossing of around 3 hours by sea to reach Amyot cove, meeting with Gaston and Valentine, the only inhabitants of the island , local lunch, excursions…
  • Jour 6 : Apataki

    At daybreak, set off for a 3-hour crossing to Apataki and visit its village. Night navigation towards Rangiroa.
  • Jours 7 & 8 : Rangiroa

    Arrival in Rangiroa early in the morning, anchorage at Tiputa, diving, bike ride to visit the village, snorkeling and coral garden. Disembarkation at the airport.
Catamaran cruise in the Tuamotus
Attention ! This is not a navigation map!
Catamaran cruise in the Tuamotus